Bonbond is about, coming back to the essential, to the base of what we really are. Every day, at all(many) times, our brains are solicited. Our attention is mostly outside of our bodies. This brings everything back to the inside. Come back here… Just to your body… To feel… To breathe again… And be here.


Lebonbond is an instrument that can quickly be attached to fixed objects. It can easily be varied in length to match the weight or the height of the attachment. This film show you how it's mounted as well as how variable its length is.


In this short film you will find some impressions and ideas on how to enjoy your bonbond at home or outdoors. Be creative and find your own possibilities.


This video will show you how to connect with a partner in your bonbond. While inside the bonbond there is an opportunity to form a new connection. Let the mood direct how you both move inside. Be creative and find your possibilities together.

Public Space


On occasion of a visual and living arts´s night in Lisbon for the Manpower 2014 Festival, Unity in Disparity, Nina cholet, Cartsen Kunst, Sidonie Siliart and Sofia Uguccioni, dancers, yoga practitioners and teachers, together with other participants bring you on their journey creating living sculptures.

Pre School

With the movement and relaxing fabric le bonbond brings diversity to the every day life of gymnastics. The colorful activity fabric brings a lot of fun and sensations to experience for all ages. Easy gymnastic, discovery, feeling and experimenting- everything is possible. Discover here more about the creative use of this elastic playful fabric.